Friday, July 23, 2010

A new style of camping

We went camping last weekend in McCall. I think I like the easy style camping! We had A/C, heat, water hookups, town a couple blocks away, an AWESOME lake! The only thing that was killer was the sand box out our front door! I thought the kids would stay clean this time - NOT SO MUCH! That sand box was dirtier than any camping trip we have evern been on! Oh well! We still had a ton of fun though and can't wait until next year!
You gotta love a feet picture!
Jason's Mom and Dad came up for a day

My sweet nephews Brogan and Briscoe

Brian and Sheila
and Family
Madi and Blake havin' fun in the camper

The pretty lake - I LOVE the lake!
Madison was not as sure!
.. The family..
We are a wide load when we all go walking!

Lining them up to eat
Playin' and gettin' dirty! That's the life of kids, gotta love it!

Cam stayed like this for about a half an hour! He was trying to buckle the buckles!
Time to settle down, stories with Daddy!

Happy smiling boy!

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