Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey, Hey, We're the Monkeys!

We found this great place to burn of energy in Boise! It's called Monkey Buiseness. SO cool and fun! They have great prices for the kids and the parents get in free but can still run around and play with the kids. I think that is awesome!
They have a ton of stuff to do and a whole separate toddler area if your little ones aren't brave enough for the "big stuf!"
They had a HUGE blow up slide that Madison and Blake thought they wanted to go down. I took both up at once and started to wonder what I had got myself into and if we would come out alive. I was even a little scared! :) It's a steep staircase that was hard to get up. I was pushing Blake up ahead of me and carrying Madison. Halfway up they got scared and didn't want to go but there was no going back! So up we went, pushing, crying and trying not to fall down the stairs! :) It was quite the experience. Then sliding down with both of the was hard too. You JET down that thing and I thought someone was going to get squished. We made it out alive and well but no wanted to try that again! We played for two hours though, climbing, crawling and jumping. We were all worn out by the end! It was sure fun though! And for the germ-a-phobes out there like me, they sanitize they place and make everyone wear socks so the germs aren't as bad! I have so far refused to let the kids play at a McDonalds or any place like that because I am terrified of how yucky they are! Havin kids in the NICU can seriously ruin you for life! Thankful for this fun place we found though! Excited to use it this winter!

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