Thursday, May 27, 2010


YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND! Normally, I LOVE the rain! Not quite as much since I have had kids - since going outside is a lifesaver. However, I do enjoy the rainy days.
We were supposed to go camping for the Memorial Day weekend. I had been counting down the days and hours for a month now. Crazy, I know. What sane person WANTS to take 19 month old triplets camping??? This crazy mom who is dying to get and have some adventures! I was looking forward to the hikes, drives, campfires, the kids exploring and loving every minute of it.
And yes, we will reschedule of course. I am just really bummed - ready for some nice weather after a long winter.
We have come up with some consolation activities, which as long as my hubby is home and doing them with me will be wonderful.

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Karli said...

Tasha-good for you for being healthy girl! That is an awesome goal-where'd you find the website? It sounds like good stuff. I had to laugh that you are having a hard time getting 48 oz. water because I try to get between 150-200 oz. a day! (: It gets easier the longer you do it, though.

I need to start exercising too...hmm, when to do that?! (:

Your three kiddos are so darling-as is their mama. We really desperately need to get together again soon. Miss you & love you.

And, I'm sorry about your camping trip cancellation but sure am thankful for the rain for our crops! Love you!