Saturday, May 22, 2010

Catching up on the cuties....

I take SOSO many pictures I just don't know what to do with them all!! I am running out of hard drive and space on my wall! :) So, I just have to put a bunch of them on here instead!
Love Cam's smile - he's always ready to flash it!

My shy little man! Sweet little smile!
Madison cute, cheesy little grin!
Cam just wanted to sit with Madi - she didn't like it. :)
Grammy bought Cameron a basketball hoop! He was in HEAVEN!! (It was for all the kids but Cam's the one that LOVES it!!)
They were so cute - they all piled one the door step on thier own to eat their crackers.
Blake brought me these two shoes and would not stop whining and saying "shoe" until I put them on for him. What can I say - he has his Dads style! :)
They were just giving loves for no reason! Love that!
There is nothing better thn Daddy time!!!

Love these kids! They love this recliner!

I probably should not show off these kind of pictures! He will hate me when he is older! :) We have started working on just a little bit of potty training.

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Mommy said...

They sure are cuties, Tash. (: Keep up the good work!!