Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life Around Here

has been HECTIC!! I was about to type that is slowing down, I don't think that is accurate! :) I think we are all healing up nicely around here but not slowing down!

The last week week and a half were pretty hard. Jason found out plans had changed and it was time for him to go out of town again. That is always hard - not matter how anything else goes. The kids just know something is different when he is gone. I don't think their little minds actually process it but their additudes are not as good. Of course, I think some of that is clouded by the fact that I am with them 24/7 with not many breaks for 8 days. But as I am reminded daily by my dear husband that we need to be thankful that he has a job!

So anyway, the week was going by, somewhat hard. We were staying busy and having fun playdates and things so that really always helps pass the time. We did have good moments too - the days are always filled lots of hugs, loves, kisses and laughing. There were also some nice days to enjoy getting outside which was a blessing! We headed out to Boise on Thursday. I had a doc appointment so my mom took the kids for a couple hours. SUCH a blessing! I had my appointment and then got a little shopping in. We went out to dinner that night and our fav mexican food. The kids were not as well behaved this time but it was just about bedtime and had been a long day.

My Dad went out of town the next morning, Jacob had a track meet the next two days and my mom was working some crazy hours. SO just me and the kiddos hanging out at the parents house. My Grandpa came over and helped out a bit which was really nice. He really loves those kids and has worked so hard to make sure they like him and are comfortable with him. We went to the park a couple days and played which was fun! My Mom bought the kids (mostly Cam) a basketball hoop to keep at their house. Cameron was in heaven!!! He has become ridiculously addicted to basketball. This love has not been taught by us, his Dad would have him love baseball not basketball. But he knows the difference!

Sunday morning my Dad got back and took us out to breakfast. The kids had runny noses and couldn't in nursery and their church doesn't have a cry room. So we went and had breakfast together and enjoyed a quite morning. We got some coffee and headed home for naps. My Dad ended get really sick (he has been battling shingles for weeks now!:( ) I think he over did it going out of town and then helping me out. So he and Madison took a 3 hour nap together. Madison woke up doing pretty good but about an hour later ended up with a 103 fever!! Thankfully I have the BEST pediatrician in the whole world who has nurses that give out their cell phone numbers and the doctor does also! He met us at his office an hour later and sure enough Madison had a double ear infection. Poor baby - she felt awful!!

We headed home that evening and had a pretty uneventful night. Aunt Boo stayed with us and let me sleep upstairs so I could get some rest. (I hadn't had more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night since Jason left!) Monday morning was going kind of rough, Cameron just would not stop crying. That is not like him, he is usually really happy guy! SO I decided he might be sick too! We went to Dominicans (NEVER again!) and waited two miserable hours! Cam felt awful I could tell, was tired and hungry and there was nothing I could do. We almost left! FINALLY we saw someone and she said he had an ear infection too. Went home got him into bed and we all rested. Kristen was here and was a life saver!!! She did some dishes, let me get a nap, visited with me and made us dinner! SO SWEET!!!! Danny came over later and brought Cams meds and some groceries for me. She stayed a while and helped out. I noticed during that time that Cam was not breathing well. At 7pm my doc said I better bring him in. Turns out he had a double ear infection and was having resperatory issues! It was a good thing we went!! We got some more meds (our house looks like a drug store!!) for him. My mom met me at the docs which I was thankful for. She took Cam home with her while I ran around to different pharmacies getting Cams meds. We made it home about 11 that night. We all fell into bed and prayed that Jason would get home soon!!! Jas got home early then day, about noon and has been home since.

I was SOSO ready for him to be home and helping me. It's really hard when you have so many babies sick and just want mommy to hold them! Plus I was pretty emotionally and physically shot so it was a blessing!!

We have been having fun and staying busy since Daddy got home! We are in the middle of working out a big remodle and garage being built. I am so excited about it! We are waiting to get some bids back to see if or what we can afford. The best part is, is that Jason will NOT be doing the majority of the work - WOW!! We are both super excited about that!!

Well, all that typing is probably boring to everyone else, but I have to journal and keep a record of these crazy, wonderful times in our life! And I WILL forget if I don't write it down. :)

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