Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Wonderful Resurrection Sunday

What a special, wonderful Easter we had! We finally got the ok to start slowly easing back into the real world! I can't tell you how excited we are!! So we were able to join both our families for and Easter Celebration! We weren't able to make it to church yet, but hopefully in the next couple weeks! We started at the McKinney side and had a very yummy brunch and some visiting. We also celebrated Aunt Boo's birthday at the McKinney side. She is one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet! What a blessing she has been to our family! She has taken such good care of me and the babies. We would be lost without her!! I have had such fun getting to know her, she has become very dear to my heart! After that we rushed home, fed and changed the babies then loaded them up and headed to Boise for the Martindale get together. It had been a while since the we did a Martindale gathering on Easter so that was fun! It was sad not having Grandma there. I still show up to their house and expect to see her in the kitchen cooking away for us. I miss her more than I can say! Grandpa was not able to be there either. He has been having a very hard time lately and was in the hospital recovering. He is now in a rehibilitation center and they should have him eating and walking around again in a few weeks. He could REALLY use prayer! But we still had a nice time visiting with the rest of the family and eating a yummy meal of ham and cheesy potatoes! I am so thankful for what Easter means to us! So thankful that God sent his Son to die - for me, and terrible unworthy sinner! But He didn't just die, he saved me and rose again and now lives in Glory! What an amazing Savior! What a special day, for so many reasons!! Bianca was able to make it home for a quick visit also, so that was a super fun surprise to the weekend!

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