Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life is Good!

Life is so fun with these kids! I still look at them and think, WOW I have three babies! Not too long ago I wondered if I would EVER have ONE baby and now look at us! They are getting to be so much fun! They talk and laugh and play! They are so interactive! They are getting really good at rolling all over the place, at playing with their toys!

On Tuesday Grandma went with us and we all went on an outing! First we went to Grandmas house which is SO fun! Then we headed off to JoAnne Fabrics. I forgot our HUGE stroller so we thought we could use a cart, but JoAnnes carts aren't big enough for two carseats. So my Mom held Madison and pushed Cameron and I pushed Blake. It worked pretty well..... :) We were only stopped once too! Then we did the unthinkable....we went to Wal-Mart to buy some flower pots for the front yard. That was quite the trip. I was getting VERY NERVOUS by the end! We were stopped by quite a few people - some of them seeming a little on the strange side - and people kept wanting to touch them. Now I don't mind if I know you but I didn't so that was making me nervous! But we made it through and felt like it was a success! Oh, and Wal-Marts carts are big enough for two car seats just in case anyone needs to know! :)

We have been having fun with Dad home! Cameron even got to help Daddy out with his truck for a while. We did a feeding out in the shade and enjoyed the day! And I got to spend some time shopping in Nampa. It was a quick trip but a fun get away all the same! It's been a good week so far! Now it's time for bed so I am ready for all the cleaning and organizing I have to do tomorrow!

(Madison is looking very ADORINGLY at her Grami!

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