Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day!

We had a GREAT Valentines weekend! My Mom and Dad watched the babies for us overnight for the first time! It was so nice of them, quite the challenge to undertake! Aunt Boo stayed the night also so my parents could sleep through the night. Seemed to work well! Thanks to all of you who made our weekend so nice!

We left Friday afternoon and headed to the movies. We watched the movie Push - very good movie. I had not been to the movies in about 6 months so that was way fun! Then we headed off to The Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We had a gift certificate from Christmas - perfect time to use it! (Thanks Curt and Rene!) We stayed at the Ameritel Inn where we stayed on our honeymoon. That's always fun to remember way back when. :) We watched movies, went hot tubbing and relaxed for the rest of the evening. The next morning we had a nice breakfast, did a little shopping, stopped and visited my Grandpa to help cheer him up and headed home for some time with the babies and a little more relaxing!

It was such a wonderful time! It was nice to get away with Jason and spend some time together. I did miss the kiddos like crazy though! Jason got me such a sweet present! He got me a day at the spa! I am SO excited! I get to do a spa manicure, spa pedicure and massage! It's going to be a great day....can't wait to use it. :) I love Jason so much! He is such a special man, I am so glad to have him as my valentine!

I also made some some Valentine cupcakes. I had to make two attempts at it! So sad, I am not a cook/baker! :) The first time I spent 1 1/2 making the frosting and and cupcakes from scratch. Turned out TERRIBLE!!! :P So I had Aunt Boo (who stopped by) babysit so I could run to the store and get stuff to make the next batch, which I made from the box and premade frosting! :) They turned out pretty cute though. I also made a Valentine with the babies foot prints. All in all - a Wonderful Valentine Day!!!

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