Sunday, February 15, 2009

Six Amazing Years!!

What a trip it has been, being married to the man of my dreams! Jason is my best friend. He is everything to me! I have such an amazing blessed life with this man! I am so thankful God put us together. He has made the last 6 years better than I could ever have imagined! You should see this guy be a Dad! He is amazing! He takes such good care of those kids, he changes tons of diapers, feeds, stays up with them, babysits all day so I can go do fun things. Not many guys could take care of triplet babies - but Jason does, and he does it wonderfully!

I keep thinking about 6 years ago, on our wedding day. Such a special day! And then I start laughing - who would have thought all those years ago that now we would be blessed with triplets??? Wow, life goes in some crazy directions. :)

We had a wonderful anniversary! Jason made it so special! He slept with the babies all night, got up made their bottles and brought me a baby in bed to feed. Then went to the store to get groceries for the breakfast I wanted. Made me some of the yummiest french toast I have ever had! He bought me roses and lillies (SO pretty!) and made me the CUTEST card! He made me a hershey kiss to remind me of the first card he gave me. Before we were allowed to date or anything he gave me a Christmas card full of hershey kiss labels. Boy, was I surprised when I opened that!! I was not sure what to think or do!! Of course my belly was full of butterflies cause I was kinda sweet on him! :) Anyway, super sweet and romantic card. It meant more to me than any present he got me. He is such a special guy! What would I do without him???? He made the whole day so special! He even said he would watch Momma Mia with me. I didn't make and the offer is definitely off the table!

I love you Babe! You have my whole heart forever! Thanks for being SO wonderful!!

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