Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ahh, the fun of weddings!

Kristens wedding is fast approaching! It's been fun planning and being excited with her! I can't wait for it to get here! Neither can she... :)

Wednesday my Mom babysat all day for me so I could go to Boise and help Kristen register. we had a blast! It was fun to spend time together and help her out. Wedding planning can be very stressful so I was glad I could help take a load off. Oh man, it does bring back memories! Next week is our 6th anniversary! It's been fun remembering!

Last night we had a big invitation party at my house. Again lots of fun! We had a good turnout. Kristen, me, Mom, Hilary, Jenn B, Holly, Katie and Dad. Oh, and of course Madison Cam and Blake were here to help too! They mostly slept but provided good entertainment for a while! :) We got a lot done so that was good! We had pizza, watched Father of The Bride, visted and worked a lot - until Midnight! I was a zombie! I am usally in bed by 8:30 these days! My Dad was being a slave driver! ;) But we got lots done and I survived!

Kristen spent the night and helped with the babies through night so I could sleep! (THANKS!!!) then we spent this morning visiting and taking care of babies and doing some more wedding stuff! All in all, lots of fun! Next on the list?? Her first shower that I am throwing! YEA! How fun will that be!!!

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Andy, Nellie, Emma and Livy Coleman said...

Looks like fun Tash!

Hey, is there a day that might work for me to stop by and meet your little ones? Mornings I have Andy here to stay with the girls, but I can have Alyssa babysit in the afternoons is that works better!

Have a wonderful day!