Friday, October 31, 2008

Life with three....

I was wondering if I was ever going to post again! It is crazy in the world of triplets!! But it is also wonderful!! They are such a joy and a blessing.

Biggest most exciting thing that happened is Blake came home! YEA :) We brought him home on Tuesday afternoon and he is doing great!! We still have to be really careful when we feed him cause he still chokes a lot and then has trouble breathing, which is wat scary!!! His wonderful Dad has got a really good feel for his feeding though and they make a good team together.

We also took Cam and Madi to their first checkup and Tuesday and they got glowing reports. Cam is up to 4lbs 14oz and Madi is up to 4lbs 12oz. They are getting so big compared to where they were when they were born! But they are healthy and doing great the doc says!

Our lives around here are crazy! Sleep is a very rare thing these days! Feeding, burping and changing three babies takes a lot of time. Go figure! :) They are eating every three hours usally which keeps us hopping! I don't know what I will do when Jason goes back to work!! But we have started to get some help at night and throughout the day at different feedings. The night help is WONDERFUL! (Grace, you saved us the other night!!) We still help with the feedings but we get to sleep in between knowing someone is listening for the babies or taking care of them if they fuss. It is still so unreal to me that we have three babies, they are ours to keep and love and raise forever. WOW! God is so good! What a wonderful blessing for us to have these kids. There have been a lot of times in the short time we have had them that I wondered if I would make it. But then I remember (or Jason reminds me!) that God gave us these children and the grace and strength to do what needs to be done! Plus, then they smile at you or do something way cute and I think I could go without sleep for the rest of me life just to have them! :)

A little shout out to my husband, he has been AMAZING! He is a wonderful Daddy! He is a natural and takes care of and loves on these kids like he's done it for years! Plus he still takes care of me and makes sure I am doing good and getting rest. (Even though he is not getting rest himself) He watched the kids by himself on Monday for like 8 hours while I was at the funeral and visiting Blake in the hospital. 8 hours and two babies and one new daddy! That is pretty impressive! He is a wonderful guy and I am so glad he is the Dad to our babies and a husband to me!

Grandmas funeral was on Monday. That was such a hard day, but it was good too. She was such a loved lady and left such a legacy behind! Every chair in the church was filled with someone there to remember her! The service was nice too! Lots of wonderful words and memories and a sweet slide show. Grandpa is doing pretty well, but seems very lost right now! He loves to hear about the babies and that seems to cheer him up! We just have to keep praying for him, his heart is definately softer!


Karli said...

Oh yeah! I am so glad you are all home and starting family life by yourselves. I'm sure it's been super overwhelming and want to come see you so badly, but don't want to risk giving our cold to anyone so I'll wait till I'm all well. I am happy you are getting breaks every once in a while and I knew you and Jason would be amazing parents-you were made for it. Love you and so happy for you! Please call if you need anything from the store or done, etc.
And keep keeping us posted when you get time...if you ever get time! (:

Mrs. MK said...

Love the photo! Can't wait to see you again!