Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 Weeks Old!

I can't believe we have had them for three weeks already! Time sure does fly, which is kinda scary! It's already going by so fast and we aren't even home yet. It's so fun to have them around we are so blessed to have them! They are doing great! Not a whole lot changes, just getting stronger everyday. They have started their bottle feedings and are doing good with that. Cameron and Madison are eating their whole feeding by bottle which is awesome. Blake is doing about half. He is so funny, he's so laid back he just does his own thing. He's getting there though. Madison is having some reflux after she eats so we just need to pray that gets better. Cameron is doing great, only a couple more days on his antibiotics. And we just need to get Blake eating more on his own and breathing a little better. But all in all, these are pretty little things for premies.

I could use some prayer. I have been fighting being sick a lot, which is so hard cause I need to be around to babies to help with feedings/nursing. I think I am on the upside of that now though. I woke up this morning with a 101 degree fever and the body aches so I thought I was getting sick again. Turns out I have mastitist (sp???) Probably most of you moms know about it, an infection of the breast. WAY PAINFULL!!! So that's where the fever and everything came from. So the good news is I am not sick again, the bad news is I have that infection. But at least that won't keep me from the babies. Yeah!

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Karli said...

I'm so sorry that you have mastitis! I have heard that is the most painful thing ever. I will definitely keep you in my prayers! That is not fun. Tonight I will be at the Ron. Mcdon. visiting Kacie with my class, so if you are there, come find me in the front room. thinking and praying for you daily!