Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's getting close!

It looks like we get to bring a couple little babies home! YEA!!! We are so excited for this part of the journey to be coming to an end.

Cameron and Madison are going to get to come home in the next few days. Madison should be coming on Thursday and Cameron should be following her over the weekend. Blake is still struggling with eating and breathing at the same time. He still does not eat all his feedings from a bottle, they still have to give him some through the feeding tube. He is coming along though, just working at his own pace. It makes me so sad to leave him behind but we will visit and love on him as much as possible. They are all doing wonderful though! Their care has been turned over to the pediatrician that I chose. They no longer need the high risk specialists from the NICU. God has blessed us and these babies so much! They are an amazing blessing in our lives.


Karli said...

Yay! This is such exciting news. I can't believe you are bringing two babies home and will soon have three! We are so excited for you and so thankful the Lord is giving you this blessing.

So sorry about your grandma too. I know this is hard for you and I will continue to pray for your family, your dad especially, and for your grandpa.

Please let me know when you'll be feeling up to visitors and I will come see you. And, if you need meals, diapers, etc., let me know. I'd love to just come cuddle a baby and visit with you and can even spend the night sometime if you need it. (: Love you and am so happy for you!

Mrs. MK said...

I love seeing them all together!

We are so excited for You and and babies to be coming home! Please call anytime if you need anything, OK?!!

Miss Grace said...

AWWW!!!! They are so sweet all together like that! I'm so excited that the time is finally getting near for them to come home! Love ya!