Friday, March 29, 2013

10 Years and HAWAII!!!

Jason and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year. I can not believe it's been that long. We have had a wonderful 10 years! It has been very hard at times, I amazed as I look back and think of some of the things we've been through. {Like triplets... :) } The Lord has blessed me with an amazing man and I love him very much. It hasn't always been smooth sailing but it's all been worth it. I am excited to spend another 10 years with this guy. I am glad he choose me and has put up with and loved me all these years. I couldn't ask for a better guy or a more AMAZING Dad to our kiddos. We had been saving for a few years and were able to celebrate in Hawaii! IT.WAS.AMAZING! Can't wait to go back! Perfect timing to be able to escape the McCall winter! 
 We had a FABULOUS 5 days in Oahu, Hawaii! It wasn't quite long enough. I loved every second. We ate a lot of really yummy food, did a lot of swimming and sunbathing on the beach. We hiked to a waterfall (that I jumped off, oh yea!) It was a small waterfall, but I jumped off it just the same. :) We drove to the North Shore and explored. Ate at Killer Tacos - YUM! We paddle boarded and tried body boarding. We were right on the Waikiki beach with lots of shopping and good restaurants. I loved exploring the strip. We tried to go snorkeling but they close on Tuesdays. Random huh?  Who closes randomly on Tuesdays??? That was our last day there too so we totally missed out on that one. I was so bummed! Guess we will just have to go back. It was so wonderful to just spend that time with Jason.
 The worst part was the flying. I.HATE.FLYING. Every time I get on a plane I am pretty sure it's going down! :)Have my Dad to thank for that! The flight there wasn't so bad but the flight home was rough. Lots of turbulence. I wasn't convinced we were making it home. Jason just laughed. Not very supportive! :) Haha... So thankful for parents who loved on the kids while we played. It was a joint effort between both our parents and I am so grateful. Best trip ever. Such an amazing way to celebrate the 10 years we have had together.

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