Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fireworks, food and fun!

Another 4th of July BBQ at our house! We love this tradition!
Lots of good food (which is so important!) and lots of good friends (equally important! :))

Our family - how do these kids keep getting so big???
 Grandpa Curt and Baby Mo. Cam was making sure Gramps knows what he's doing! :)
 James checking out all the fun
 My 3 firecrackers (yep, a little corny but hey, they are so cute!)
 All the kids, I mean part kids - part teens!
 LOVE these guys!
 There were some pretty great volleyball games
 Grandpa Randy bought fireworks to share with all the kids. Pretty nice guy! The kids were really into them this year. It was pretty fun to watch them with them!

 They were so brave!

Another great year! SO thankful for our freedom!

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