Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Re-Cap

Our March kept us busy - lots of buisness with these 3 little ones. Jason has been working out of town consistantly which is hard on everyone. The kids especially struggle with it - they love their Daddy! But we keep busy and count the days until he is home. Here is a peak of some of what we did in March.
I went to a Home Builders Workshop at Calvary Chapel. I really enjoyed that and got the bug to plant some seeds. These were my starts - they did really well. I was very imoressed with myself, I don't usually seem to have a green thumb! 
 My kung fo fighter. Cam is obsessed with knives, swords and kung fo!
 We waited and waited and waited for snow ALLLLL winter. We finally got MAY! The kids and I played out in the snow (while they were sick...) with this awesome snowman kit my mom gave us.
 Runny nosed Cam
 And runny nose Blake
Oh yep, a third runny nose Sis
 Had a bad cold that playing in the snow made worse. Kids have been getting sick less frequently which is a welcome change.

 Blake is  my thinker! Loves puzzles and can do any I give by himself, even if it's the first time he has seen it! He also knows all his letters!
 Madison turning into a little bit of a girly girl. She loves to do whatever I am doing. Especially my makeup!
 Sheila, Jen and I were in charge of all the decorations for the HPC banquet. It was a little stressful but fun working together and it came together SO nice! My mom spent the day helping us decorate -which we really needed! We all attended that night and enjoyed our hard work and were blessed to hear about all the center does and how we can help.
 First time ever in flip flops. Nothin' cuter!
Jason working hard - as always - on the master remodel. It's looking good! 

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