Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Days

Our Awesome pool set up. :)
Blake being BRAVE!

We have been having a fabulous summer so far! Love that the weather is not as hot as usual - so far anyway. We have been speding a lot of time playing in our new kid pool (all except Cam who HATES the water this year, lots of time at the park (kids LOVE that park!), lots of trips to Boise to visit Grammi, Grandpa and Kristen, Camping (1 good, 1 disater), Lots of fun walks and more. We also have spent some time playing at Aunt Boo's house. We LOVE her and she is so good to us. We went and "played" tennis with Aunt Boo and to see her new beach. They also love playing in her house because she has the coolest keyboard that she willing lets them screw up. :) Aunt Boo has spent countless hours playing, helping, staying the night with me, babysitting and just plain loving our little family. She is so special to us and we are so very thankful for her!

Blakes first time climbing a tree.

Cam doing very well hitting the tennis ball. He's a natural at sports - and I am not just saying that cause I am his mom.

Aunt Boo and Madison. She was being saved from the dog kisses.

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