Monday, August 1, 2011

Hard Day

Well today was a first for us - a scary first - an ER visti with Cameron. This poor kid has such bad breathing problems. He got sick yesterday morning on our last day of camping (thank the Lord!). It started with another runny nose and cough and by 8:00 the night he was wheezing and not breathing well at all! Lasted all night - the super Dad slept upright in a chair with him to help breath better and keep an eye on him. He was still not doing good this morning so I called our wondeful doctor to see what we should do. BUT he was out of town on vacation until tomorrow and I knew this kid could not wait until tomorrow. So I called an on call doc and talked to their nurse. She told me over the phone how to figure out his breaths per minute and they were borderline. They made me an appointment but said if they got worse he needed an ER visit. About a half hour we decided it was time to go in. His breathing should not be more than 40 breaths per minute and they were anywhere between 48-56 breaths per minute. I took him over to Boise, poor baby threw up on the way over. Didn't have much to throw cause I couldn't get him to eat or drink. We met up with our favorite nurse (my mom) who listened to him and watched him and said we really did need to go in. So she came with me to St. Lukes downtown. Have I mentioned she is super mom and I would be lost without her??? We got Cam admitted and the fun began. First they hooked him up to monitor his saturation levels, pulse and breaths. They were good so they put him on oxygen. They tried to put in a canula but he would have NONE of that. And of course the more upset he gets the worse his breathing gets. So I held the oxygen in front of him for about 2 hours. They were worried about pnemonia so we had to xrays because they couldn't hear well enough. Those traumatized the poor guy! Next the nice nurse gave him 2 popsicles. He LOVED that! Then they came in with some steriods and another popsicle. We had to have a breathing treatment with the repritory specialist. He also had to do 2 puffs of an inhaler that was sent home with us to try and keep and handle on everything. The breathing treatments started another round of hard crying from the sad, scared boy! He really did great though, all things considered. We had some really nice people working with us so that always helps. After 3 hours they decided to release him with a follow up with Dr. John in the morning. The funny part was how rediculously hyper he was after all those meds! Whew...he was going 200 miles a minute! He finally crashed and got some much needed rest. We have him home now on the inhaler and more steroid treatments. We would love some prayers for him still because he is still struggling to breath and I can tell it scares him. He is doing much better though just needs some rest. The stressed worried mommy could use some prayers too. :) So thankful for good docotors, an amazing husband who can take care of anything and never stops taking care of us, and my mom who is ALWAYS there to help out and love on us. I was so blessed to have her with me, an extra set of ears who understands the medical stuff. She was calming for Cam and coming up with things to keep him happy and calm. She was calming for me too! All this after a weekend of LOOOONG hours being on call for work and she never hesitates to jump right in for whatever we need!

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