Monday, August 22, 2011

Fair Time - and some other stuff

{August 5-7}

You know its summer when it's time to go to the fair! I LOVE the fair, especially the food! Can't beat fair food. The kids and I met up with Sheila and all her family to watch her sisters show their horses. While the girls were showing the kiddos had a ton of fun being cute and climbing up and down the bleachers. These cousins are going to be such good friends - I love it!

It's near impossible getting allll these toddlers to look and smile at the same time. We settled for all happy and in one place. :)
After the horse showing we went to explore a little. The kids did so great. They listened very well and stayed right by me the whole time. They had a bunch of big tractors out on display and the kids LOVED them! We let all them climb on for a while and pretend to drive. Got a bunch of farmer wannabes.

We had greesy french fries and corn dogs for lunch. BAD food overload but we like it. :) After lunch we had a YUMMY ice cream cone.

We also were sure to look at all the animals. I think the pigs were the favorite. Cam informed me that we needed one at our house. Ha.

The big crew!

Briscoe peeking in at the goats.

After the fair we headed over to Boise. I dropped the kids off at Kristens for naps and I headed into Boise to help Mom and Dad pack. YEP - it was moving weekend! :) So excited that they live so close! I worked for a few hours and then Kristen came over with pizza for all the hard workers (herself included! :)) We went and stayed the night with Kristen to help keep her company. Saturday morning we took a load over to Fruitland for the parents. Jason and I spent the day trading off and on helping and watching the kiddos. Jason spent the early evening smoking some delicious tri tip for our dinner. We had Mom and Dad and Kristen over too so they didn't have to worry about dinner. Long but fun and exciting weekend.

Sunday the totally amazing hubby I have sent me to Boise for the afternoon. We went to church as a family, headed home for lunch and got the kids down for a nap. Then Jas told me he thought I had worked hard enough and needed a break. I love those lazy just walk around the shops kind of days. They are such a nice break every once in a while. He's a keeper that guy!

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