Sunday, June 5, 2011


jason has been working SO hard on our master bedroom. it's not finished yet but getting closer. can't wait. he does get sidetracked - only because he is a perfectionist and see's allllll the things that need done. the above yard project was one of those projects. it looks sososo much better that i am glad he did it. the driveway part will be graveled the rest will be grass - eventually. but for now it looks 100% better.
my walking buddies. we have not been able to walk because of the march weather we have been having. but i love these girls and love our walks. we make quite the show!

been doing lots of stuff with kristen lately. love that we are so close!

the brown the new color-i love. the red the old -ugly- color. GONE!

blake is so sweet. i love his sweet, tender heart. i love seeing them get along and love each other. sweet moments.

i love the views at our house. makes me sad that we are contiplating moving. hmm...

been trying to learn to coupon. challenging but fun when i get a good deal.

started food storage. love feeling organized and prepared.

been putting my blogs into super cute books. can't wait to read them.
been trying to get more serious about eating healthy and working out. blah...i reeeaaalllly like bad food. jason is a stud though is eating healthier than i can imagine (while working a crazy physically hard job) working out and has lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

speaking of jason, he is busy this week climbing 150 foot metal power lines. makes me a little bit nervous. especially since they can't strap onto the structures on their way up. just free climbing baby. not cool. he tried to assure me that they strap on as soon as they get to the top. that's great babe, just hope that he doesn't slip and fall at 149 feet!
the kiddos are so fun yet so challenging right now. can't decide if i wish they would hurry up and get older or sloooooow down. :) love being a mom to them either way!

this is a good year, jacob gradutated highschool, bianca gradutated college and is getting married, kristen is having a baby (!!!), sage is coming home and my parents are moving back. whew...

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