Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pop Pop

{Grandpa's Suprise 75th Birthday}

Grandpa Jones or Pop Pop to my kids is one of the most amazing guys I know! He is such a hard worker, always serving or helping someone and loves his family with all he has! My kids adore him and let me tell ya - he ADORES them! He goes out of his way by miles or hours to see my kids and love on them.
He has always made sure to be a big part of my life growing up. He was at every game or function I was involved in. Always cheering us on! Always has a smile and arms open for a hug. He has always had such fun stories of his childhood that he would tell us for hours. We nicknamed him "The Pill" when we were younger because he was always (is always) playing some trick on us! He gave each of his grandkids a nickname too. Mine was Tinkerbell. :) I love that he has taken Bianca and Jacob as his grandkids too. He has made it to almost all of their sporting events as well. He is a KEEPER! This morning he came to church with us and came with all sorts of bubbles, kites and bears for the kids. Just cause! I have been so blessed with the Grandparents I have had in my life. So thankul for you Grandpa Jones!

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