Sunday, June 12, 2011


{Cams attempt at bosing!}
Cam: "Daddy I told those kids no do that."
Jason: "Did they listen?"
Cam: "No, those kids didnt obey." He likes to call the other two kids guys. Jason has taught the kids to go check on each other when they get hurt. Cam now goes over and says in a very high pitched voice "It's ok, it's ok" while patting their head! SO cute! Cam can also interpret for Blake, very helpful. He talks alllll day. I love it, always asking me for kisses, making sure I am staying home with him or some other hilarious thing. I need to get better at writing them all down!

Madison adds "in a minute or today" at the end of almost everything she says. I apparently use those two things too much! She is also into giving big squeezes right now. She grabs onto my neck and hugs just as hard as she can - one big hug on each side of my face. These days she is all silly or all moody. Changes from day to day. Calls Cameron "Mameron" and Blake "Bake."
Blake went to Target with me over the weekend. He was SO cute! He loved the attention and just looking and touching everything. {Note: I NEVER allow them to touch in the store because, well, there are 3 of them!} At one point he saw some Lightning McQueen diapers - he SHREIKED in the girliest voice I have ever heard - "LIGHTNING MCQUEEN MOMMY!!!" The funnies part is that if you know Blake, you know that you can't understand most of what he says. SO, I knew what he was talking about but the aisle full of people probably wondered what in the world was going on! Blake calls Madison "Sissy."

Love these kids! Trying to remember all their funny little moments!

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