Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sage was deployed on Monday.
Wow - did you watch the news and the good-byes? Heart wrenching!
This time is going to be so hard for these two - but I am so proud of both of them and the sacrifice they are making! This kind of thing has never hit so close to home.
It's a first for us.

Do you truly appriciate the freedom we have in this country? I know I have always appriciated it, but have never quite realized the impact that it plays in some peoples lives!
Can you imagine not having your husband around for a year? To not have those hugs, support, visits, holidays? Do we really realize the sacrifice that some people are doing?
I am learning through Sage and Kristen. Please pray for them this year! It will be a long, hard year for both of them! But we are so proud of them!
Thanks guys for your sacrifice! We love you both so much!!

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