Thursday, June 10, 2010

TRYING to be thankful...

I know, I know!!! I am TRULY blessed that my husband has a job and it is a good job. HOWEVER I am reallllllllllyyyyyyy tired of him being out of town and being a single mommy!! Hence, the struggling with being thankful! And somehow, they always get sick or start teething while Jason is gone!

We have had a busy week which is nice for passing the time. But it's also been a very hard week so far. I have not got much sleep the last few night because of the teething/sick children. The kiddos seem to be struggling (isn't that a nice way to put it??? :) ) with their obedience and attitudes towards mommy. The days get so long by myself and pretty discouraging. With three almost 2 year olds it makes it pretty hard to even take them to the park (or anywhere for a distraction) by myself because of safety issues. I am thankful for a mostly nice week weather wise as we have spent a lot of time outside! We have had some fun get togethers with some good friends and family this week too! Grammy and Grandpa came over yesterday and played/helped for a while which is always a good time! There are some fun things coming up over the weekend too so I do have some bright spots. I hate being discouraged and admitting it on here, but it's my life right now. And I am praying that I WILL grow in the Lord during this time and be able to look back on these days and think how far the Lord has brought me! :)
So, I will sign off now. I am going to go get my kids, love on them and remember what a miracle they are and how thankful and blessed I am to have them in my life.
{How could I EVER be frustrated with these faces????}

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J said...

Hang in there, Tasha! You're doing great! I definitely know what you mean, it's so hard when our hubbies have to be gone so much. I'm glad you have family around, though! That's so nice. :) I hope you'll be able to be together again really soon!