Monday, June 7, 2010

My Dirty Little Rugrats!!

These kids have been LOVING the outdoors this year! They live for playing outside!
I love it too - they are much happier outside these days. It is however becoming such a lesson for Mommy though, and the lesson is:
It's OK to get reallllllly dirty every day! :) Actually, a FEW times a day!
So here are my adorable messy kiddos!
I have been getting a kick out of watching them play in the dirt and mud!
They throw it on each other and themselves.
They eat and roll in it!
Madison is the biggest dirt lover of them all! Rocks, dirt, mud, sticks.
Anything dirty - she LOVES it! :)
As a side note, her dress was MUCH brighter earlier that day! :)

Just wait until we go camping.....

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SB&C said...

I looked at the 1st two pictures of the boys and thought to myself, "they don't look very messy" and then I saw Madison!! I laughed so hard...she looks like a little ragamuffin :) And the last picture of all 3 of them they're looking a little bedraggled, but that they had fun :) Great pics!