Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love those Dads!

I have some pretty amazing men in my life! Love that we have a special day to tell them how great they are!

My Dad is amazing!!! I could not have asked for a better Daddy growing up, and I couldn't ask for a better one now either!! He is continually loving us, doing for us, checking on us. He is there for WHATEVER I need, whenever I need it! He helps me with the babies, he loves those babies! He supports me, is a listening ear, gives me hugs when I need them or just lets me cry when i need them. He gives great advice. He is a great husband too, has always been such an example! I love how much he loves my Mom! I love that he taught me to love the Lord and to dedicate my life to him! I love that he lead by example. He taught me to love oldies music, to love life, to have fun, to love others, to be a generous person. The list goes on and on. Thanks Dad for your love and support! I don't think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me!

My husband is WONDERFUL! I can even begin to describe how much I love him and how much he does for our family! He never stops giving or loving me!! He works so hard for us, then he comes home and works and the lawn, the house, he helps with dinner, he takes care of the kids and still finds time to make sure I am taken care of too. He has been run ragged at work lately. He works at least 10 hours a day (at work anyway, then comes home!) but usually more than that! He is always improving our home and yard and giving our family a beautiful place to grow! He is always sending me messages, bringing home flowers, telling me he loves me, helping around the house, loving on the kids and playing with them. They ADORE their Daddy! He makes such fun games and songs with them! He is so patient and loving with them. He is always reminding me and talking to the kids about our Savior. Reminding me who HE is and what HE does for us. I LOVE you Babe - with all my heart! Thank you for being the AMAZING Daddy you are to our kids!

Curt has been a wonderful father and father-in-law as well! He did a wonderful job raising my husband, helping to make him the man he is today. Curt is such a fun Grandpa, there is never a lack of fun when Curt is around! Thanks for all you have done for us and for the son that you raised and taught how to be such a great Dad and husband! We love you!

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