Friday, October 30, 2009


I was sitting here thinking about this time last year a bunch of things had just happened. Going through losing my Grandpa and remembering him made me think of this time last year. Grandma was in Utah not doing well (this was mid September) and I had finally gotten out of the hospital and sent to stay with my Grandpa until the babies came. I was not sure how the was going to work. :) But my Grandpa was AMAZING! He took such good care of me! He made me all my meals and made sure I was comfortable. He would go out and get me stuff. He would come in a sit on my bed and talk to me, very short talks! If you know my Grandpa I am pretty sure he had ADD, bad! :) Looking back now I see what a special time I had with him, not knowing he wouldn't be around much longer either. And then about 9 months later I spent my time taking care of him. As hard as it was to see him decline that was also a special time that we could share! I miss him so much!

I've also been thinking about it being a year since Grandma died. Oh how I miss her!!! This time of the year is usually when we start planning our big girls shopping trip! It was such a fun time. We would meet for breakfast at like 8, go shopping until l 1 or so. Have lunch and shop for the rest of the day. Then we would usually end it with dinner! Such special wonderful times! She was such an amazing lady!

Also, we had just brought our all three of our babies home! Cameron and Madison had come home on the 23rd and Blake came home on the 28th. I tell you, leaving Blake at the hospital and coming home with the other two was the hardest thing I had ever done!!! I just knew he would feel abandoned and hate me forever and think I didn't love him! Oh, it was so hard! It was also scary to even bring two home! I was so used to having nurses around all the time to tell me what to do and tell me if they were ok. They had such a hard time breathing that it was scary not to have their monitors hooked up. But I can't tell you how amazing it was to pick up my baby for the first time and not have a million cords fighting me the whole way. Or how amazing it was to actually walk out of the hospital WITH my babies in my arms instead of day after day leaving MY babies in the care of someone that wasn't their mommy and me leaving empty handed! I was pretty scared about handling them at home too! We had to do a "test run" at the hospital the night before the were released. They have hotel type rooms in the NICU and you stay in there with your babies to make sure you can handle their more special needs. That night did NOT go well! We handled it obviously but it was a LONG, ROUGH night! :) But it all worked out. We were sleep deprived (wait, we still are!:)) but that didn't matter cause our babies came home - HEALTHY!!! I can't believe they were all about 4 1/2 lbs this time last year and now they are huge and learning to walk! Time flies doesn't it? It's so good to sit and remember how completely blessed we are - even when it's hard!!

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