Wednesday, October 28, 2009

13 Months

I can't believe my babies are 13 months already! Didn't I just post about their 1 year birthday??? They are growing so fast! They are learning and discovering new things daily! It is so fun to watch them. They are also getting harder these days - they are VERY into Mommy right now! Which, I do appreciate it's just hard when 3 babies are crying for you to pick them up. They are also getting real good at the temper tantrum business - they learned that from Jason! :) So I spend a lot of my time correcting and disciplining, but what mom doesn't? They are getting SO curious! Into everything they can get their little hands on!

Madison is our little strong willed dare devil! She is fearless this girl! She will climb on anything and jump off anything! She has NO concept of consequences! She is also a major mommies girl! Funny combo huh? She follows me around the house whining a crying until I pick her up and pay attention to her. We have had to work on breaking that habit cause I do have to get things done and I do have 2 other babies! :) She can be a very happy funny girl if she wants to. Key word is WANTS to! :) She has the funniest little laugh! I love to hear her talk and laugh! She is also starting to walk! She has taken quite a few steps just not quite ready to commit to it! This girl LOVES to eat too! Most days she out eats the boys! And she loves to dance to music. It's so funny how music can get her attention.

Blake has such a neat personality. He can be the most serious, just sit and stare and take
everything in boy I have ever seen. That is how he is a lot, but the the other times he gets SO loud and excited. He just bounces and screeches and jets around the house as fast as he can. It's the funniest thing to watch. He and Madison love to chase each other around the house. Blake is such a sweetie! He's like his Dad and is kinda a loner. He does his own thing and is very happy to do it that way. He is a tall skinny little fellow too! I don't think he has an ounce of fat on him! It's all muscle baby! :) He really likes music too and starts to clap and dance when he hears it. We are still trying to convince him that food is a good thing. :) He just really loves his bottles. He's warming up to the idea though. He finally got some teeth in and has one top tooth and one bottom tooth. Jason says he is going to be a flagger...... :) They all three LOVE being outside! If only their mommy had the energy to go out more often. :) Grammy bought them all snow outfits so we will be set to play whatever the weather! He is getting so close to walking. He will stand for a long time and get so excited. Then he will take one step and fall! I think he gets scared. Won't be long....

Cameron is our funny man! He just laughs all day! He laughs at himself if no one else is paying attention or he laughs when anyone else is. If he is wanting to get some attention and other people are laughing or talking he just starts laughing AS loud as he can so that everyone will look at him. Yea, he likes the spotlight! :) He is always coming up with new funny faces or sounds or tricks to do. He does the Indian thing with his hand on his mouth. He drags his finger off his lips to make another noise. (These are hard to describe in writing! :)) He clucks his tongue and the list goes on! He is also my very sensitive kid! He cries at the drop of a hat! Madison pretty much keeps him crying! You can hurt his feelings very easily! He is also our little short chubby boy! It's so funny to see the differences between him and Blake! He's SO cute though! :) He keeps me laughing most of the day! He hasn't even attempted walking yet. Still a little unsteady. He walks around with push toys and things but hasn't quite worked up the nerve to try. All in good time!

We love these cuties!! Can't believe how fast they are growing up! Enjoy every minute - it goes by SOSO fast!

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