Monday, November 10, 2008

Shoes Anyone???

It's a bitter sweet memory - my Grandma LOVED her shoes! My Dad and Aunt had to start going through Grandmas things last week. They got to her shoe closet and decided we could probably open a shoe store! There are boots and tennis shoes and dress shoes and stelletos...... There are keds, BCBG, Liz Claiborn, shoes made in Spain! She was a shoe lady! She passed that love on to me! Just a fun memory of Grandma!
(These aren't all her shoes either - there was still a closet full and some had been given away!:))

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Mommy said...

Hi Tasha! I just started blogging and don't have much time or energy to put into it but I LOVE it. (: I love your blog! How is it at home with your babies? Crazy wonderful I'm sure. (:
We are very excited about our new little on but it was a shock at first. I thought we were done! I got rid of everything. God knows! He ordained this baby should BE and he has a perfect plan. We rejoice in it! Thanks for the note... see ya soon, maybe? Blessings -Amy