Monday, November 10, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun (and taking care of three babies! :)) It has been a lot of work but so fun too! What sweet wonderful babies! We love them SO much. They have been so fun to have around. They are almost seven weeks old already. I can't believe it, it seems like they just got here. Here's a little info on all of them....

He is our easy baby! If he were the only baby we had we would have an easy life! For the most part he at night he wakes up (barely) then goes right to sleep until the next feeding. Sleeps like a champ! When he is awake he is almost always happy. At night they all have a fussy time but most of the time he is just happy and alert. He is so fun, he looks around and smiles all the time. His eyes are usally open very wide! He is probably over five pounds now and growing out of his preemie clothes! (That makes mom want to cry!) He is consistantly eating about two ounces every three to four hours. He is a joy and I am SO in love with him!!

Blake is totally going to be laid back - for the most part. He definatly can get pretty upset with us. :) He is a very serious baby. We don't get too many smiles out of him, he will just sit there and stare you down. He could win any staring contest without cracking a smile. When he does smile he it is so fun - WAY cute! Most of the time his lips are pursed in what we call the fish face. :) He likes to be awake and fussy pretty much all night but sleeps like a champ during the day! (We are working on switching that!) He also has a fussy time at night - they plan it together. He is over six pounds now and is for the most part in newborn clothes and diapers. (That REALLY made mom cry). He is also eating about two ounces every three to four hours. He brings so much happiness we are so blessed to have him and love that little guy to death!
Madi is a bit high maintenance! :) She is a little spit fire with a bit of an additude! After describing her to my Dad he said that we had a Tasha junior! (Uh oh!) She is starting to be very alert also and starting to smile a lot more! That has been a lot of fun - she is a sweetheart! She doesn't like to sleep much at night either although she has been getting better the last few nights. YEAH!! She is still in most of her preemie clothes, just growing out of the really small ones. She is still our small little girl. She has probably made it up to about five pounds as well. That is so big compared to her 2lbs 14oz she was after she was born! It's so much fun to have a little girl!! We love her so much!

I think that's it! We have been staying very busy feeding every three hours. It takes about an hour to feed and change all three (with two people). So that takes up most of our time. It's such a special time though! We have been having help at night which makes the day time go a little easier. Sleep makes all the difference!

We have had both great grandpas come for a visit which was very special!! They were both very taken with the little kiddos! I have to agree, they are pretty great!

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Karli said...

they are beautiful Tasha! Seriously some of the cutest babies I've ever seen! What a blessing to have them home with you guys. I love you and can't wait to see them, although it may not be till springtime! (: Definitely post more pics when you ever get a second-they are so amazing! I love the little updates too-so exciting they are growing and progressing so well. Glad you are getting help with the feeding, changing, etc. Love you love you love you! Give Jason a big hug and your mom and your babies. Call when you have time!