Wednesday, August 1, 2012

McKinney Camp 2012

We had a very fun camp out with the whole McKinney clan this year. Curt and Rene' (a litte shock but so great!) bought a camper this year so we could all go camping together.
 Grandpa Curt loves to fish and took all the kids fishing. They loved it!
 Steven was pulling trikes - how fun is that???
 We had a TON of fun on our new toy! This is my new favorite thing to do, although it does get a little squishy with all 5 of us. Hmmm...maybe I need my own????
  Cam is forever showing off his kung fu moves - watch out, he's a stud!
 Grace and Tyler even bought their own truck and camper and braved the wild with a new baby! Way to go guys! I am glad they came even with a new baby!
 The younger boys AND they big boys playing games
 Sheila roughing it preggo - I think she was ready to be done camping while pregnant. She is such a trooper and aren't they cute???
 The one spot of dirt in the WHOLE camp and no one parked over it. It was the one spot the kids spend pretty much all of their time! They were SOSO dirty!
 Cousins are awesome! So thankful my kids have them to grow up with!
 The first day we were up there Madison got a fever and really acted lathargic and sick. It was really weird. Only lasted one day and then she was fine! I love the snuggles I get when they aren't feeling good, sad she was sick but loved the snuggles!
 Awesome vintage camper revamped shabby chic style!
 Love these 3!!!

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