Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Overview

I am so far behind I decided I better just to a quick overview and not get any further behind. So here goes...
January 1-7  1st: Jasons big 30th birthday, set a new budget for the year. Time to get healthy and watch our money! 2nd: Extra day off to be lazy together, coupoing (yes I coupon!) 4th: Blake got sick...again! :( 5th: Visit Grammy and Grandpa for lunch, Briscoes 2nd birthday party - love that boy! 6th: I got sick, ahhh poor me! Cam got to go with Grammy and Grandpa to Boise to watch basketball and then spend the night with them. 7th: Jason and I jump started our new workout plan with a crazy veggie/fruit and smoothie only weekend (AWFUL!), Brian and Sheila came over for dinner - we cheated a little on our diet and it was wonderful!!
January 8-14  8th: Went to church - love doing that as a family! Caught up on coupoing, had a family night with our first family game of hide and seek. It was a huge hit! 9th: Sheila and kiddos came over to play, after naps Cam woke up sick with a fever from naps he was doing better after dinner so we went over to Brian and Sheilas to watch football. 10th: Both boys were running higher fevers (104) so we went to the dr to make sure they were doing ok. Mom and Dad were in Boise so they met me at the Drs. Madison went with Dad to run errands and Mom stayed with me to help. After the appointment we went to check out the Grandma and Grandpas house. It's going up for sale - kinda sad... 11th: In charge of decorating for the centers annual banquet - had our first meeting. Home group at 6:30. 12th: Mom came over to visit with us - always a highlight! She brought us a big bag of yummy apples - can't get enough of those! 13th: Got up early and rushed out of the house for the kids dentist appointment, we were a week early. Oops...the kids don't realize they aren't supposed to like the dentist and were almost in tears when they learned they didn't get to see him and have their appointment! Haha.. Jason took us out to breakfast instead - that pretty much fixed it!  That evening Abigail had a basketball game in Fruitland we went to cheer on. The kids had fun playing their own version of the game. 14th: I went to Boise for the day to run errands and shop. Had a good visit with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Jean. Also got in a good visit with Kristen.
January 15-21  15th: Jason woke up sick so we let him stay home and rest and the kids and I went to church. We rested for the afternoon together and that evening I made the best dinner ever. I made some steak nachos and Jason said that they were the best thing e's ever eaten. That's big folks!  17th: The kids and I headed over early to Mom and Dads to have breakfast together. FUN morning! Rene watched my kids and Sheilas kids and we met up with Jen to work on the banquet. Jen made a nice lunch for us that we didn't really get to enjoy cause we had to rush off but so sweet of her! 18th: Kristen came over at naps so I could get in some good snuggle time with Jonah bear and good visiting with Kristen - love that girl! We had a potluck at homegroup that evening which was fun! 19th: Dinner at the McKinney family to celebrate Jasons birthday. 20th: Our REAL dentist appointment - kids did GREAT! The Dentist was very impressed with their behavior and teeth. Makes a mom proud. Jason got fit for his mouth peice to help his snoring (been a MIRACLE PRAISE THE LORD!!) We went out for breakfast again since the kids did so good! That evening we had dinner and game night at the parents house. Fun night! 21st: Jason sent me to Boise...again....what a sweetie!
January 22-28  22nd: Went to church as a family - look forward to that all week! What a blessing it is! Jason and I had a date which are too rare for my taste! :) Love that guy and any time we get to spend together! 23rd: Went to Sheila's to get in some coffee and visiting! It's so fun living close and letting the kids play while we try to visit! :) 24th: Pretty quiet day - went to visit Grammy and Grandpa. LOVE having them so close. We pop in A LOT! Good thing they love us! Fun to have them pop in to say hi at our house too. 26th: Lunch with Aunt Boo and Grandma Danny. Such fun ladies - we always have fun with them! It's becoming fairly regular to go have lunch with them. We LOVE it! The kids do so well too  - makes a Momma proud. 27th: Had a good visit with Karli. WAY too long since we had visited, hope it happens more! Ran some errands. Home for a family night - those are the best! We made our first homemade pizza and it turned out delicious. The kids thought that was pretty awesome too. Good memories! 28th: I went to a Home Builders workshop at Calvary Chapel. SO wonderful!! Some wonderful ladies led different workshops that we got to attend. I did a sewing one, planting seeds and and CPR/Health class (led by my Mom - she was AWESOME!) . Such a fun day - I was so blessed to spend the day with some girlfriends and learn some new things! Thankful for Jason who stayed with the kiddos so I could go!

January 29-31  29th: Went to Calvary for church. Every once in a while we like to go visit to say hi to everyone. Went to lunch with Sheila and Brian and Max and Jen afterwards at Idaho Pizza Company. Yum! Love their pizza and salad bar - good prices for kids too! The kids think it's awesome to eat at the barn! Haha...30th: Meals on Wheels day! Took the kids with me for the first time - they did great! Such good helpers! We met some of the gals from church at Jolts before hand to go over some things and have coffee. Went to Mom and Dads for lunch - good ol' chicken nuggets! Coupon shopping that evening. I am enjoying the money I am saving with couponing, not enjoying the time it takes to shop now. Oh well, at least I am helping out a little! 31st: MOW again the morning. Sheila let the kids come and play while mom and I delivered the meals. Fun having Mom on my team! We even got some visiting in which doesn't happen much for us. :) Picked up the kids and had lunch with Sheila. She babysits and feeds me! We went to Abigails game that evening and had dinner after with Aunt Boo. Good, busy and productive day!

That's January in a nutshell! 

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