Monday, January 16, 2012

Miss Madison

Oh where to even start with this little one! She has grown and changed so much this year! She is turning into quite the talker, cracks me up to listen to her. She has an attitude in everything she does - even her talking. She has taken to calling me Momma or Baaba (yea, Baaba don't ask I don't know!) She makes the funniest faces and voices and she isn't even trying to. We butt heads a lot the two of us. But we are both growing and learning, praise the Lord! She has been doing so much better the last couple months obeying and responding nicely to me. It's been a struggle but staying consistent sure pays off. We still have our hard days - especially when Daddy is gone for extended periods of time - but more good ones! She is turning into a "grill" as she would say. LOVES pink now, cause grills like pink! I bought her a BSU shirt that is blue and orange. It almost turned into a huge meltdown because boys wear blue! I put it on and she got very upset and exlaimed "My no wear boy shirt mommy! I wear grill shirt, blue no grill shirt blue boy shirt! My wear pink shirt mommy!" On and on it went. I made her wear it (mean Mommy that I am) and she has come around a little bit but is convinced that grills DO NOT wear blue! She is going to be a tall skinny thing. I have the hardest time finding pants long enough that will still fit around the waist. She is wearing 2T to 3T but both are baggy on the poor girl. She is in size 6 shoes and weighs about 24lbs. She LOVES her new cousin Jonah and is very good at mothering him! She is working on learning her ABCs and spelling/recgonizing her name. Loves to draw, will sit for quiet a while writing her name in her new notebook. Never says I, it's always My. I love it, I think I will cry when she stops saying it! Loves to sing and dance, especially jingle bells. Loves to look through the ads with me and pick out things, pink things, for her room!Continues to not be as good a sleeper as the boys but I am blessed at how well they all sleep regardless. The boys would sleep for days I think but she is sure to wake them up! Says she is going to marry me so baby Jonah can be in her tummy. Letting this slide for now... :) She is a great eater! In fact between all 3 of them I am really worried what our bill will look like with three 15 year olds.... They already eat more than I do at a meal! Biggest news for her is that she is potty trained. This girl took her own sweet time let me tell you! But when she was ready, she was ready! And there have been barely any accidents. I promised her underwear if she would go on the potty and she told me she wanted "lady underwears." So when she started going I went out and bought some. I called and told her on the phone that I found some and she started screaching and screaming "Lady underwears!!!" SO cute! She also has some "puckcake" ones that are a close 2nd. She gets so silly and LOVES to play with her Daddy! It's been fun to see how attached they are to their Daddy. I love it! Madison is very much a Mammas girl but she has a very special place in her heart for Dad. When he is gone she misses him like crazy (so do the boys of course!) Evey morning they ask "Daddy come home for dinner tonight?" "I miss Daddy!" "Daddy at work? Oh, that makes me sad!" This has been one of the most challenging ages but one of the most precious. I will truly miss the sweet hugs, kisses, prayers (can't beat 3 year old prayers!), the way they talk, the funny things they say. Just special! Madison is so full of life, silliness, love and spunk - lots of spunk! Love this girl!

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