Sunday, October 30, 2011


The kids LOVE music, they love to sing, dance and listen to music. It's so sweet - I love it. They look forward to church every week because of the worship time. When I say we are leaving for church I get a chorus of "we sing cds" or as Madison says "My sing cd, my sing???" So anyway, at church this morning they were especially loving worship time. They were really getting down with dancing (I know, in a Baptist church????) and singing. After the first song ended they started clapping and saying YEA very loudly. It was SO cute! Although, I was a little embarassed. :) A lady came up to me afterwards and said "Don't you dare feel embarassed or tell those kids to stop. That was the cutest thing and blessed the whole church." Awww, sweet! I love how they are so young and just let themselves go! I will miss this young, innocent nothing embarasses them kind of age!

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