Monday, April 4, 2011

Bloggers Block

I think I have bloggers block. It's probably because I made a goal of posting everyday - now I either forget or get lazy and don't want to. OR I have some really good, creative posts in mind as I am falling asleep and I can't remember them when I get up and actually have the time to do it. Ah well...

A very nice moment of getting along with each other. Those moments seem few and far between these days...But we keep working on it and I hope one day they will be best buds! :) They do love bath time together! I decided it would be fun to have some bubbles. Who doesn't love bubbles right? Um, my kids...Actually they do now but it was a tramatic time when I first put bubbles in! Talk about a freak out from ALL of them. Guess I should have introduced them to bubbles sooner! :) Should have seen what happened when I found some bath water dye and made it pink. I thought the bubbles were bad...In the end, they liked the pink water too! Haha... Last week was Kristen and Sages 2nd anniversary. Poor kids had to be apart for it! :( So Kristen came over and spent some time with me and we had a coffee date! I don't think I quite made up for Sage but I did my best! Those two are weathering this deployment so well! Very proud of them! They are not letting come between them and are staying close and in love. Good job guys!!

Jason the ever patient and on-top-of-things Daddy. Took the kids by the hands to work with them and show them the proper way to pick up toys and look for them as they are cleaning. When we ask Cam to go look in the kitchen to make sure he picked up all the toys he peeks around one corner and says "I did!"
Poor Cameron came down with a mild case of RSV. The first few days the doc wasn't sure that was his diagnosis. He put him on albuterol to help with his breathing though becuase he was not breathing well. Whenever Cam gets sick it goes straight to his poor lungs. The doc thinks that's partly because he is just that way and partly from being a preemie with lungs that had not matured when he was born. Poor guy - it's so sad to watch! :( He did not improve, actually got worse after a few days so we had to had some more meds and watch him pretty close. But he has finally turned the corner! Yay!! A week with now sleep for any of us was getting hard. He is doing much better now! He is no longer contagious just has the cough that can stick around for up t0 5 weeks. Yikes! He apparently likes his meds though because he tells me "I sick Mommy, I need meacine!"
Lots of stuff for one little guy!
My little sunshine! (most of the time!:)) She had a HARD week last week. NEVER was happy with me, just gave me fits alllll day long. Was always mad at me and nothing I did was ok. {sigh} But as soon as Daddy walked in she was the happiest kid I had ever seen. Mommy was not impressed. :) But we persevered and this week has been much better! She has been happy and pleasent and we have had some really nice days together. She is so much fun when she is in a good mood. She bounces and dances and claps to the music. She LOVES dancing with the stars. Not a typical show for us but she saw it and fell in love. She has been talking more and it's so cute! Says "Me two ones in a minute?" She wants two candy and says in a minute with everything! Haha...
Not sure what he was doing here - that was the pose he wanted his picture taken in! Funny kid!Been much spunkier again these days which I am glad to see. He is talking more and more every day. He counted to ten today. I didn't know we had worked on that! Says his Bible verse very well too! Can say some parts by himself. He shot a man size basketball at a hoop about 3 feet tall about 30 times before making it Saturday night but would not give up. He ended up making 5 baskets! Pretty impressive for a 2 year old huh??? And have a mentioned his mad dribbling skills??
What a handsome boy! They have taken to calling themselves that since I say it so much! Blake has turned into a HUGE eater! We don't know where this came from! We used to have to shove food down him now I can't keep it on his plate! He loves his brother and "sissy". He can't say her name so she sissy. I think it's cute! He is starting to talk a little clearer the last few days and I hope we continue that way. He has been such a goof ball too, I can't even describe the things he does but he gets happy or excited and just does the funniest things. I love to watch. He keeps Jason and I laughing. I guess I need to record more since it's too hard to describe the cute things. He is doing great with his verse too and loves to say it. And sing songs-he grabs a fake guitar (or tutar, as Cam says) and jams out to twinkle twinkler or row row row your boat.
And have I mentioned we are LOVING the warmer weather???!!!??? The sunny days have just been wonderful! Jason and I spent a whole day weeding, mowing and cleaning up the yard. It looks wonderful and I can't wait to add some flowers and a little landscaping. Thinking about a garden too. The kids are calling

Nap time is over...

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