Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{Project 365} WAY behind

I am WAY behind!
It's been a mix of really busy, losing my camera (then finding it) and just plain not feeling like it.
Some days, I just don't wan to. :)
But I thought I better at least post some pics.
Blake and Mommy - love this boy!
Having some one on one time with with Mom and Dad tonight (2.1.11)
LOVING my Cricut machine! Have had it for over a year and have finally started using it.
Valentines fun!!
Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Valentines Day???? I do!
Our AWESOME Grammy and Cameron
Great Grandpa aka Papa. He.is.awesome! The kids love him so much!
My new favorite yogurt. SO SO good! Love it - go try some!
We've been going to basketball games, had a couple date nights, had a great girls night with Kristen, a family dinner, progress on our house (YAY!) and a whole lot more! I will try and do better!

1 comment:

Mrs. G said...

Hey don't get stressed over not posting EVERY day. Just enjoy it when it comes. :)

I love seeing the pictures of the kids, but it does make me miss them even more!