Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eight Wonderful Years!

This past weekend Jason and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary! I still can't believe that we have been married for that long, it seems like we should still be much younger than that. :) Jason is an amazing man! I can't imagine living life with someone else by my side. He keeps me balanced, gives me perspective. He is always strong and encouraging. He is always ready with a listening ear and good advice. Although usually the advice is mixed with teasing and sarcasm I have learned to understand what he's saying and it usually lightens the moment! :) We have had quite the adventure so far in our marriage. It hasn't always been easy - pretty hard sometimes in fact. But he has stayed faithful, true and loving no matter what is going on! Even when he is the one that should "get" to be upset, hurt or down he is always giving to me and making sure I am ok! He is so hardworking! I can't imagine doing his job. The weather and conditions that he has to work in! The hours that he works would kill me. LONG, long days in the worst of weather. They don't get days off for bad weather - they are the ones out working in it all. You should see some of the places that he has to sleep at night. Yuck. But he never complaines, then comes home and asks what I need. He is a good guy through and through. I take him for granted too often. He loves the Lord and strives to grow. He is a great leader of our family. He always remembers to have family Bible and prayer time with the kids at night. I love this guy - can't imagine life without him. I am blessed beyond messure! I better go tell him!
Happy Anniversary Babe! Love you with all my heart!!

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