Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uh yep - Just NOW posting on Thanksgiving!

Had a great Thanksgiving this year! Aunt Boo always hosts at her house and does a wonderful job with some yummy food. Jason bought a deep fryer and deep fried our turkey this year. That was pretty yummy! Aunt Boo always invites my family along with the McKinney clan which I love. It's nice to not have to rush around to all the different dinners just hangout and enjoy each other! We had to cancel our annual Turkey Bowl this year because of the very cold temps outside. Such a bummer because I know our kiddos would have loved it. Next year! Good day - so much to be thankful for!
The Martindale Clan
Aunt Kristen and Blake reading Aunt Boo's new and very cool books.
Our wonderful host and my mom!
Madison LOVES Aunt Boo's piano! She would play it for hours!
Me and my honey - sure am thankful for him!
My Dad, constantly torturing his grandchildren. And yet, they still think he's pretty awesome!!
Bianca and the boyfriend, Silas! :)

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