Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yea for Cameron

Cameron is a semi-walker now. He has taken 4 or 5 steps here and there but only when the moment is just right. Most of the time he won't even try and then all of the sudden he takes off. He's a funny guy! Just wants to keep us on our toes I guess!!

Madison is crusing ALL over the place! She is so funny to watch teeter-totting around with her arms out for balance! I LOVE this stage! So cute to watch them try. She is SOSO proud of herself to. She looks at you with a huge smile on her face as she walking around and keeps looking back at you to make sure you are still watching her.

Blake is still trying too. He hasn't quite decided he likes it as much as Madison but he's getting there. He can go for quite a while too if he doesn't get too excited. Sometimes when he gets really excited about it he trys to run or something and down he goes. He REALLY likes to walk on his knees - so that's his main mode of transportation right now! :)

That's the quick update for now on my little cuties!

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