Saturday, January 24, 2009

Four Months!

Wow! They are four months old! How time flies!! I can't even believe it. It has gone by so fast and been so fun. We love those kiddos more and more every day. They are absolutely amazing! They are changing so much what fun it is to watch. It is amazing to look back at there newborn pics and to see how far they have come! They had so many cords and tubes hooked up and they were so tiny! Now they are healthy growing babies and doing great! God has blessed us so much! I do have to say I miss those teeny tiny babies though!


He is weighing in around 11lbs now and 22 inches long. He is in the 5%, still pretty small! :) He is such a ham! He loves to smile and laugh and talk all the time. Such a happy little guy. He is getting so strong. Been holding his head for a couple months now and loves to stand (with help of course) and sit up. He continues to be very alert. He seems to really like to watch me, he just follows me wherever I go. That of course makes me pretty happy! :) He got his first round of shots this month and cried like you wouldn't believe! Made me SO sad! But after they were done he was ok! His poor Grandpa is scarred for life though! He is growing and doing so good!


Blake is weighing somewhere around 12lbs now and 23 inches long. He is in the 15% so not too big either. He is a very serious little guy but he does smile a lot too! He has started doing a little talking and smiling at certain times of the day. Otherwise he is pretty serious and studies everything. He is pretty even tempered and just usally chills. He is so strong! He loves to stand and sit up too. He also got his shots and cried like there was no tomorrow! :( He is such and sweet little guy!


Madison is 8 1/2 lbs. She is 21 inches long. Still SO small! I love it, she is still growing and healthy so I love that she is that tiny! She is in the less than 3%, that just made me laugh! She has finally started smiling and grinning and I LOVE it! It makes my day! They all three LOVE LOVE LOVE to be naked! It cracks me up! She is a pretty tempermental little girl. I think we will have our work cut out for us. She loves to lay on her back and kick around. She has to sleep in a car seat because she has been spitting up way too much. So we are hoping that and rice cearal will help. The only problem is she is starting to hate her car seat. Poor girl! She is also getting strong and looks like she is going to roll over any day now! What a blessing she is!


Mrs. MK said...

oh, I miss them!! Can I bring you dinner this week??

Tasha said...

Hi! Yes you need to see them again! Dinner would be nice - whatever night works for you works for us! Thanks!!

tamijane said...

I can't believe how big they have gotten! They are adorable! I went with Karli to get Grayson's shots (5) and he screamed pretty hard, too, but was happy once we were outside. You should see him when they try to put him in his carseat now, he bends his legs backwards or else straightens his whole body out and will not bend. It's pretty funny to watch! I really need to get over there and see those babies soon, maybe sometime next week I can bring Karli and come...we'll call you! You look amazing by the way!

Tasha said...

Hey Tami!
They have really grown since you last saw! I would love for you guys to come visit! Let me know when!

Karli said...

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. Grayson did something weird to my phone and I haven't been able to get messages for a while. Anyway, I finally got it (about three days after you needed me!) and I haven't gotten back to you! So sorry. Anyway, we are finally doing a lot better healthwise around here and would love to come see you and the babies! If you need help with a feeding, let me know and if I can't do it, my mom and/or Taylor would also love to help sometime, I'm sure. This week is crazy, but Friday & Saturday are free! (: Love you!