Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Recap

I can't believe another year has come and gone already! Time flies way too fast, of course that's not what I thought earlier this year! :) I never would have believed this time last year all the changes that were about to happen in our little world! We have had some hard times and some very good ones too!

January brought the start of some sad news with my Grandma going in for her first emergency surgery. For the next few months she was in and out of the hospital trying to get her back on her feet and well again. She was even allowed home - with no eating - and seemed to be doing better.

In March we found out we were finally expecting! What long awaited news that was! When the nurse called to tell us the blood test was positive she said to be prepared for twins cause my numbers were pretty high. Little did she know.....Seven weeks later we went in for our first ultrasound and found out we were having triplets!

April started our long summer of remodeling projects and Jason being out of town. He does a lot of that through the spring and summer months. He began to tear our house apart in all of his off hours. It was well worth the effort (I think anyway! I didn't do any of the work though so you will have to ask him! :))

July started the long road of bed rest for me! Three long months of not being allowed up! I was waited on like a queen though which was fun - for a little while!

September brought my Grandma needing one more surgery. It was either the fix all or fix nothing. Unfortunately it did not work. She was healing though for which we were thankful. Also in September was the birth of our three wonderful babies! What an amazing day that was! Three early but healthy babies!

October my Grandma passed away. She took a turn for the worst and just couldn't fight any longer. She had been through so much and is now with her Savior! And although we miss her more than we can say, she is in the presence of God - COMPLETELY healed and happy!
Also in October, we finally got to bring our babies home and be a family!

In November Jason finished his apprenticeship and became a Journeyman Lineman! He has worked very hard the last four years to get here! He is such a wonderful man and works so hard to provide for his family!

October through December????? I don't remember too much! Each day passes in a blur of feeding, changing diapers, changing clothes, cleaning up spit-up and holding, cuddling and loving on the of the most precious little people in our life!

What a year!! I can only wonder what 2009 is going to bring as my three little miracles start to grow up. We will see! The Lord has blessed abundantly this year and has faithfully been with us through the good and through the bad. Isn't wonderful to have such a faithful Savior?

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