Monday, April 15, 2013

We had a busy, stressfull, crazy and fun week! I headed down the mountain Monday with the kiddos to Boise. We had a dr.s appointment for Cam regarding his throwing up issues. Poor kid has thrown up once a week for 8 weeks now. We finally decided to go see Dr. John (No better doc EVER!) and see if we could get it undercontrol. My dear Mom met me at Grandma and Grandpa's so we could visit and then headed to the appointment with me (even though she just got back from Cali!) to help out with the other two. Dr. John thought it needed looked into. He said it had lasted too long and was not normal! So he set up an appointment at St. Lukes to do an upper GI on Cam to make sure everything was working right.

From the docs we headed to Kristens house to spend some time with them! We miss them so much! We put the kids down and Kristen and I got in some good visiting. That evening Super Uncle Sage watched all the kids so Kristen and I could go out! We went to see the movie The Host - one of our FAVORITE books! WE WERE SO BUMMED!!! It was awful. Not even close to the book. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Anyway, moving on. We had a blast have girl time together and that's whats important! When I got back Cam was not doing well. He had been having diareah for about 3 days now and was pretty sad. I ended being up with him all night with dieareah. About 1 in the morning Blake woke up throwing up. So, I went back and forth between the boys all.night.long. Miserable night. Everyone was better the bext morning. My mom came back over to get Madison and Blake so I could get Cam to his next appointment. She is wonderful - fyi! Cam and spent the day with Kristen, Sage and Jonah. It was a nice quiet day. We headed to Cams appointment and he was a champ! I was so proud of him. He was VERY nervous! Poor guy has had it rough! He was allowed to eat all day so they could see inside. He had to go into a room with a big X-ray machine. He had to wear a big, heavy vest. Then he had to stand on this huge machine and drink what was supposed to be a nasty drink. Only Cam loved it and asked for more! He laid perfectly still and did everything the dr asked. Such a good boy!  They said everything looked good, other than he may not be passing food through his little tummy very well. So from there we were set up with a Childrens Gastrointerologist on Wednesday.

Next we headed home to pick up other kiddos to have dinner at Wingers with some of our favorite people. Aunt Boo and Grandma Danny. Grandma Rene and Abigail came too. We took Aunt Boo out for ice cream after to say a belated happy birthday. We stayed the night at Aunt Boos and throughly enjoyed that! We have missed all our special time with that special lady! She may our stay very special and nice! We headed to Mom and Dads for the rest of the week.

We had a couple really nice play dates with Sheila and Jamie. Oh, I miss those girls and all our playdates! The kids love to play together and we love to talk and drink coffee. Just plain wonderful! We also enjoyed the rest of the week just soaking up time with Grammy and Grandpa. We ate out, played, shopped, they helped out at the house and just spent lots of time togther. Grandpa always makes the best breakfasts for us. Grammy always plays lots of fun and creative games with the kiddos. The kids spent some time playing at Grandma Renes and Grandpa Curts house too. They always love that!

Wednesday we headed to the specialist. He started out small and long story short seemed like it was acid reflux. He said that Cams esaphogus had been damaged from a virus and is not working quite right. That's probably why food isn't moving through the right way either. We have him on some meds for a couple weeks and will go from there. Praying this works!

Saturday I got the best gift ever. I got a whole day with my girlfriends in Boise! Sheila, Jamie and I went and got pedicures and spent the day shopping, eating and talking. Such a nice break. Girl time is always good. My parents watched the kiddos for me and spoiled them rotten.  Sunday we went to church at Kaleo. I miss that church body so much. It was wonderful to be back!We had lunch with Elma and Joe after. They are some of my favorite people as well and just adore my kids. And we ate at El Eraderro - our family favorite! Sunday night things went downhill. Cam got a stuffy nose and a bit of a cough and by Sunday night he was not breathing well at all. He also had a heart rate of 156 all night which is really fast for the kiddo. We did treatments all night long and got into Dr. John in the morning. Sure enough, poor kid had pneumonia! Sigh.... We ended up staying an extra day to work on the house so we can get it sold but instead went to the doc. MY MOM went to work at my house anyway with the other two kiddos. What a lady huh???? She never stops helping other people. What an example of a wonderful person. A lady from their church helped as well. How neat huh? Cam started doing much better with antibiotics and we headed home Tuesday.

Whew....what a week! It was good though! Thankful I got to go back and visit friends and family and very thankful for good doctors!

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