Friday, October 26, 2012

Hunting Season!!

Jason loves to go hunting! He starts planning his next hunt the day he gets home! We had been in McCall for a couple weeks when hunting season came along. I decided there was no way I was missing a chance to head back to Payette so we headed down the mountian for a week and a half a fun! We stayed with Mom and Dad, Kristen and Aunt Boo. We had a great time! Lots of play dates and catching up with everyone that we have already been missing so much up here!
Jason also had a great time! He got his monster bull this year and was so pumpped! I was so excited for him. The kids were REALLY excited for him! :) He met us at Mom and Dad's in Fruitland and showed it off to everyone. Then I got to have a break and he headed home with the kids. I stayed an extra couple of days just to have some fun on my own. I have been missing home so it was nice to have a little time back there!

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