Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little bit of our May

We are loving warmer weather and are taking full advantage of being outside! Jason has been playing a lot of baseball with the kids. Cameron, especially loves it! And, he is very good!
Oh, Madison! She plays like a silly girl! Love her! :) 
 He can hit the ball clear across the yard!
 Blake is getting pretty good, he has got a great arm too!
 Mrs. Sheryl got a bus! We LOVE her bus. She took us all on a field trip to the Aquarium in Boise. We had a blast. The kids loved it, Sheryl had the bus stocked with snacks and water for the kids. She is so sweet to my kids. My kids thinks she's pretty great too!
 I sure love these girls I am raising my kids with! We have so much fun together.  

 The crew of kids - which will soon have more added to the group!

Mother's Day was special! I was pretty tired as we just got back from the 4 day hospital stay with Cam. Poor guy! My parents came over after naps for a couple hours and Jason made us some wonderful tri tip! He is a great cook! I was wonderfully spoiled by my family that I love so much!
 I am so thankful for this woman I call Mom! She is a wonderful example and friend! I would be lost without her in life! She is an amazing friend and an AMAZING Grammy!
These are the flowers Jason went on a run and picked for me. Nothing better!

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