Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's been keeping us busy

We are making progress on the upstairs! YEA!! I am so excited to have it finished!!! Been waiting a LONG time! Jason works so hard during the week and then comes home and works hard here too! But it's looking great - thanks Babe!!!

I can't get this picture to go where I want it to. BUT this is the SUPER cute sports decor I foung for the boys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lamp!!
This is the bathroom-to-be!
This mess doesn't look like progress but it is!!! This is a light, yes I took a picture of a light. BUT we have not had light in our living room since we moved in. We have had a few lamps but lets face it - those don't give off the best lighting. I am totally a light girl! It was always really dark in the evenings in the winter. So Jason and Brian worked for a whole day and put in 5 can lights! HOOORAAAY!! I love the new bright light I have!!
My newest project, not finished yet but I am loving the way it's looking! The white will be painted black and I am going to put chalkboard paint on the glass.
I am re-doing the kids bedroom. Madison will be in her own room when we finish the upstairs. She is not a good sleeping buddy - AND the room is not big enough for three 2 year olds! This quilt is what I am designing colors and themes from for her. Katie made is for her and I LOVE it!
Her sign with new matching ribbon! These quilts are adorable! They perfect! They have stiching and layered fabric. I really wanted something different, not the typical sports theme and this one did it! I have some big plans for wall hangings and paint colors! Can't wait!

That's just a little bit of what I have been doing instead of blogging... :)

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